Speakers and Presentations

This Spring meeting will focus on conservation in Pennsylvania and how the American chestnut fits into the plan.

Bryan J. Burhans
Executive Director
PA Game Commission

Wildlife and Habitat Conservation in Pennsylvania – Impacts of PA Game Commission

Bryan Burhans will discuss the impacts of the  loss of the American Chestnut to not only Pennsylvania’s wildlife , but also the pivotal role the loss of the chestnut played in changing how the PGC approached conservation.  Bryan will also discuss the approaches the PGC uses to management wildlife habitat, including the challenges of invasive species and climate change. And how this work might influence the restoration of the American chestnut to Pennsylvania forests.

Curtis J. Noll
Public Lands Section Chief
Pennsylvania Game Commission
Habitat Planning & Development Division

The Restoration & Maintenance of Barrens Habitats on PA State Game Lands

This presentation will include a brief summary of the PGO’s prescribed fire program and its impact on forest and field habitats across the Commonwealth. The presentation will include discussion about the vegetative responses that have been noted in ridgetop barrens habitats that have been treated with prescribed fire on PA State Game Lands over the past decade, and other habitat management techniques that have been utilized to restore them.

N. Scott Parkhill
Forest Program Manager
Audubon Mid-Atlantic

Mature Forest Management: Wood Thrush Habitat & Opportunities for Carbon Forestry

Audubon Mid-Atlantic’s Forest Program Manager, N. Scott Parkhill will discuss opportunities to manage mature forests for declining forest bird habitat while integrating the emerging field of carbon forestry. The emerging field of climate resilient forestry, with the co-benefits of carbon sequestration and storage, offers new approaches to mature forest bird habitat management.

Will Pitt, Ph.D.
President and CEO
The American Chestnut Foundation

Meet the New CEO of The American Chestnut Foundation

Just past the 40th Anniversary of the National organization, Will Pitt has taken on the leadership of TACF bringing new energy and a fresh perspective. He will travel north on April 6 to introduce himself to the PA/NJ Chapter, sharing his appreciation for the Chapter role in restoration and providing a snapshot of the future of TACF.