Get Involved!

Looking to learn more and be a part of what we are doing? Everyone likes to be involved at different levels and we have many different ways that you can contribute to our mission. Whether you are just learning about the American chestnut or have been a passionate follower for years, there is something here for everyone.

Become a member — Your membership dollars support our efforts in restoring the American chestnut to Eastern forests. Membership also exposes you to a large network of passionate individuals and opportunities for involvement.

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Talk the talk and walk the walk! –There are several ways to offer your time and interests to our organization. If what you have to offer is not a match for the Volunteer opportunities we have listed, let us know. We’d love to hear your ideas and we may have unexpressed needs that you could match.


Facebook Group: Our Chapter Forum — The PA/NJ Chapter has started a Facebook Group to provide a platform for dialogue among our members and supporters. We welcome all who interested in the American chestnut to join this conversation.

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Report a tree —We keep a large database of wild American chestnuts found throughout the East. As a small organization, your input helps us stay informed. Please report a tree if you have found a potential American chestnut.

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Plant a tree/ orchard — You can always help us plant trees at our existing orchards, but many people want to plant American chestnuts on their own property or even establish an orchard. Our plant a tree page informs you about your options.

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