Plant a Tree

Plant a Tree

This information is intended to inform you of your options if you are interested in acquiring seed from our organization to plant. For specific planting instructions once you have acquired seeds/ seedlings, please see our resources page.

Pure American chestnut seeds

Our organization does not currently offer any of our material for sale. We do provide pure American chestnut seeds to our members on an annual basis, typically following our Spring Meeting in March or April. The quantities available depend on the annual harvest, but usually run between 20 to 50 seeds per member.

Restoration chestnuts

If you are interested in restoration chestnuts (our most advanced, potentially blight-resistant material), there are currently two pathways for obtaining them. The advanced material is offered to long-term members on a rolling basis. If you are a member, you can contact our national office at 828-281-0047 to find out where they are in that process. The other option is to support the foundation with a sponsor level membership, details found here. Again, quantities depend on harvest, but for this material, individuals usually receive between 2 to 10 seeds.

Planting an orchard

If you are interested in planting an orchard for our breeding program, please contact our Director of Restoration at TACF, Sara Fitzsimmons, at 814-863-7192 or