The PA/NJ Chapter receives $15

from each membership purchase

– no matter the level.

The American Chestnut Foundation depends primarily upon its members to support research to develop a blight-resistant American chestnut tree. Your annual membership fee supports breeding and education efforts on the local and national level. When you join The American Chestnut Foundation, you have joint membership in both the national organization and your local chapter.

Membership Benefits:

As a member of The American Chestnut Foundation, you will receive…

  • The Journal of The American Chestnut Foundation, our semi-annual scientific and cultural magazine
  • Access to expert advice on growing and caring for American chestnut trees
  • Pure American chestnut seed on an annual basis, along with the opportunity to be among the first to receive potentially blight resistant stock
  • Invitation to attend TACF national and chapter meetings to learn about local projects and meet scientists working on chestnut research
  • Opportunities to visit, tour, and/or volunteer at our research farms in Meadowview, Virginia

As a PA resident you will also automatically gain membership in our state chapter, PA-TACF.

Our members receive:

  • The Chestnut Tree, our bi-annual newsletter
  • Invitations to annual spring and fall member meetings, held at various locations throughout Pennsylvania
  • Opportunities to participate in local breeding and research activities, festivals and speaking engagements on behalf of the chapter
  • Access to over 1000 members in PA and NJ for information and support

To become a member, download the TACF membership new membership form, or join online through the TACF membership website. You may also contact Judy at the national office, 828-281-0047 to pay over the phone. Contact Jean at the PA Chapter office, 814-863-7192 if you have questions about membership in the PA/NJ Chapter.