Lord Stirling Park Orchard Tour

2022 PA/NJ Chapter Fall Member Meeting

Saturday, November 12th (2:15 pm to 3:30 pm)

Join Randy Santoro (PA/NJ Chapter volunteer), Daniel Ross (EEC Environmental Stewardship Coordinator), and Sara Fitzsimmons for a tour of the Lord Stirling Park Chestnut Orchard after our Fall meeting.

The original planting was organized by Jane Parks (since retired) of the Lord Stirling Environmental Education Center. Three hundred trees were planted in 2014 with the help of Sara Fitzsimmons, Clark Beebe, and a couple of dozen volunteers from Goldman Sachs. The orchard was planted as a “progeny test” of mostly B3F3 trees from Meadowview to determine their resistance. In addition to volunteers, Goldman Sachs also contributed a few thousand dollars in funding for fencing and supplies.