Volunteer Spotlight

Board members Jim Egenrieder on left and John Wenderoth on right.

This month, we honor Jim Egenrieder who has generously served as the chapter treasurer for the past 5 years. Jim will be taking on greater responsibilities with the Manada Conservancy and transferring his duties as treasurer to PA-TACF member John Civitts. Jim is just seven decades old and is a life-long resident of the Harrisburg area. He is retired from AMP Incorporated and a career in systems engineering. Jim and his wife, Ann, have four sons- Jim, Rick, Brian, and Tim.

Jim is the manager of the Boyd (chestnut) Orchard at the Boyd Big Tree Preserve Conservation Area since 2002, a board member since 2004, and the Chapter’s Treasurer since 2008. He has assisted at other orchards at PSU and in Dauphin, Cumberland, Lancaster, and York counties.

In addition to his PA-TACF responsibilities, Jim currently serves as a Penn State Dauphin County Master Gardener, and he also serves as a board member and volunteers on several committees for the Manada Conservancy.

Jim’s current interests are keeping abreast of environmental issues, working (some say he is a workaholic), reverse engineering, thinking beyond the box, landscaping, visiting his grandchildren, and playing sports games with his border collies.

Join us in wishing Jim well in all of his future endeavors. He has made lasting improvements and contributions in his time here and we are grateful for his willingness and dedication. He will be missed!