Educational Resources

PA-TACF Chestnut Presentation (ppt)

TACF Membership Brochure (pdf)

Backcross Chart (pdf)

Chestnut Blight Progression:Pennsylvania

Chestnuts and Wildlife(pdf)

Chestnuts and Wildlife, artwork by J. Exley

CMS Generation Chart (pdf)
Outlines steps for the cytoplasmic male sterility chestnut program

Controlled Pollination(pdf)

Growing Chestnuts(pdf)


How to Store and Mail Pollen (pdf)

Tree Tube Education by Jim Walizer (you tube)

Living Chestnut Blog by Mark Banker

American Chestnut video by Thomas Nassif

Chestnut FAQ(pdf)
Purchasing seed and seedlings, planting, identification, and more

Eating Chestnuts (pdf)

From the Woods: American Chestnut (pdf)
“This four-page, full-color publication tells the history of American Chestnut, the blight that wiped it out, and research on blight resistant chestnut trees. It is part of an educational series for youth.”

Planting Seeds vs. Seedlings (pdf)

Planting Manual

Harvest Procedures (pdf)

Learning Box materials

PA Quick Facts (pdf)
PA-TACF Brochure:Restoring the American chestnut to Pennsylvania

Charlie Chestnut
Interactive activities designed to educate youth about the American chestnut

Chestnut Coloring Book by Doris Goldman (pdf) Hand-drawn sheets tell the American chestnut story