Chestnut Week — Farming

Chestnut Farming—A Growth Opportunity:  A Conversation with Amy Miller

Amy Miller, Ph.D., Candidate in Plant Pathology at Ohio State and Chestnut Grower with Route 9 Cooperative 

Video Recording

The US has only 900 farms producing chestnuts on 3,700 acres, with most chestnut acreage in Michigan, Florida, California, Oregon, and Virginia. Yet less than 50 miles from the PA/Ohio border, in Carrollton Ohio, Route 9 Cooperative is producing nuts, trees and flour that sells out every year.  We’ll talk with Route 9’s Amy Miller, a third-generation chestnut grower and doctoral student in plant pathology at Ohio State, about the challenges and future opportunities for chestnut farming in Pennsylvania and the eastern US.

Route 9 Cooperative

Ohio State Plant Pathology