Ambrosia Beetle:

Now is the time of year to construct and deploy traps to monitor for the granulate Ambrosia beetle.

  • Instructions for trap designs can be found at the sites listed below.
  • Traps should be in place on or just before the first day temperatures approach 60 degrees F.
  • Once deployed please check traps a minimum of twice per week or any day temperature reach 60.
  • Samples should be placed in 70-80% alcohol prior to submission to PDA Entomology Department.
    • Follow all directions on the form!!
  • Monitor trees for small “pinholes” or frass tubes. They can be difficult to see and the tubes are easily blown off by wind/rain. If a tree leafs out, then suddenly dies back inspect the stem carefully.
  • Small and heavily infested trees should be removed and burned as quickly as possible/practical.

A pre-emptive application of a bifenthrin-based insecticide can be effective in preventing infestation but must be applied just before temperatures reach 70 F, and reapplied based on product label recommendations. Some last up to 2 months.

TACF Factsheet on Ambrosia Beetle.