Volunteers Rock PSU Planting Day

  • Stephen Martynuska, Trent, and Todd GCO Planting 090321
Many thanks to our volunteers!
Steve Johnstonbaugh
Donna McGrath
Maureen Mailander
Ryan Hamilton
Kathy Miller
Dave Kniss
Stephen Martynuska
Stephen’s 4-year old grandsonTrent
and Trent’s other grandfather, Todd. 
We had an absolutely glorious day for tree planting.  It was one of those central PA days when the cloud cover was zero, the humidity was low, and the temp was between 65-75 or so all day. They don’t come often but when they do, it’s magic <3 — Steve Johnstonbaugh
With the help of 9  volunteers, ages 4 to “don’t ask”, we were able to plant 105 seedlings in the Germplasm Conservation Orchard during our PSU Planting Day on September 3rd. These 105 seedlings included 14 unique lines of American chestnuts. An additional 85 small stem assay backcross seedlings planted in the backcross orchards – for a total of 190 seedlings being planted.