Volunteers Plant 2,250 Chestnut Seedlings @ the Arboretum at Penn State

In sun and rain, volunteers gave their time this May to help plant over 2,000 chestnut seedlings. The work was made simpler and efficient by good planning and the help of a digging auger. Marlon Graham, our new summer intern. Marlon is a rising senior, majoring in Forestry, here at Penn State University.

Volunteers came from near and far. Some biked to the orchard and some drove as far as Washington, D.C. Students from the Grier School made braved the rain and chilly temps to help — wearing smiles the whole time.

Volunteers play a vital role in many facets of our restoration work. They are our ambassadors, representing us at community events throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They are educators giving presentations and sharing the story of the American chestnut with interested groups. They get their hands dirty by helping with orchard projects during the growing season, and sometimes they even suffer paper cuts for the cause — helping us to get our newsletter out on time. There is much work to do and no experience is necessary. Whatever your talent, interest or ability we can use your support as we work to bring back this mighty giant to the Eastern woodland.

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