Track your contributions of time and talent.

Soph plantingAdding Value to Your Volunteer Contributions

The volunteer season is in full swing with outreach events and planting days filling the calendar. The PA/NJ Chapter of TACF is fortunate to have the support of many dedicated volunteers from diverse backgrounds — all working to support our restoration mission. These contributions of time and talent allow us to multiply the reach of our projects. It is critical to track these contributions in our grant reporting and applications, in order to convey to funders the real value they are getting for their grant dollars.

Clark Beebe, the Vice President of the PA/NJ Chapter wrote an article about this in the most recent TACF Chestnut Jorecord keepingurnal. It is important for the organization and as Clark points out,  there are personal benefits as well. To read Clark’s article on our website, follow this link.

Have you volunteered for PA/NJ TACF in 2016?

Help us track your contributions by following this link to complete our new volunteer tracking form. It will only take a couple minutes and we can email you a copy of your volunteer contributions upon request.