The PA/NJ Chapter Welcomes John Buckley as our 2022 Orchard Intern at Penn State University.

Hi everyone!

My name is John Buckley, and I am a Senior at Penn State studying Forest Ecosystem Management. In my spare time, you will find me wandering the woods with my dog Charlie, listening to music in the kitchen far too loud, or paddling the waterways of my home state, Florida.

I chose the Orchard Internship with the PA/NJ Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF) this summer because it provides opportunities to utilize skills from other parts of my life. A non-traditional student, I served in the navy, studied paramedics and firefighting, and spent 6 years working on organic produce farms throughout Pennsylvania before returning to school to study forestry. I enjoy working in a space where agriculture and research coexist and intermingle. This internship at the restoration research orchards here at Penn State also gives me the opportunity to work outside, which my mother would say “helps build some character.” As someone who plans to work in Forestry, working to help TACF re-establish the American chestnut to its native range has proven to be an invaluable experience. ~ John Buckley