The Hopewell Valley Regional School District Join Our Restoration Mission

Mike Aucott assisted educators and students on November 1, 5, and 6 planting chestnut seedlings at the four elementary schools of the Hopewell Valley Regional School District in central NJ. 

Each school got a demonstration planting of 4 seedlings; a Chinese, a European, and American, and an F3 hybrid.  The school district’s STEM teachers organized the events, and the district provided fencing and stakes and had marked out the spots for the trees. The event was for kindergartners and third graders; there were 100 to 150 of these at each school. 

The kids loved helping dig the planting holes and getting their hands in the earth.  I spoke to them a little first about the chestnut and the efforts to bring it back, and then pulled out my banjo and sang them “American Chestnuts” by Laurie Lewis, the same song I sang at the Annual Meeting.

Follow this link to listen.