Thanking Clark Beebe

Thanking Clark Beebe


Clark Beebe got involved with PA-TACF because his father was interested in the American chestnut.  Clark joined TACF in 1996.   He still owns his family farm in Bradford County, PA but lives in New Jersey where,   through the efforts of Bob Summersgill, Clark became a regular at plantings, inoculations and pollinations.  While his daughter was attending Syracuse University, he met with Dr. Chuck Maynard at SUNY ESF to help understand his work with transgenic chestnuts.

Last year Clark accepted a position on the chapter board as New Jersey Representative.  In that capacity he arranged for the Regional Science Coordinator, Sara Fitzsimmons, to be a key-note speaker at this year’s NJ Forestry Association Annual Meeting. He wrote an article on the American chestnut for the NJ Herald newspaper and assisted in the recent restoration generation planting at Lord Stirling County Park in Somerset County NJ (see page 6 for more information on the planting).  He has joined Mike and Kieu Manes on multiple chestnut education hikes.

Clark is a PA Forest Steward and a NJ Woodland Steward. He serves on the Member Advisory Committee of his local electrical co-op.  He is active in the lake association where he lives and just successfully concluded an 18 month effort to get the association to hire a consulting forester.


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