Autumn Lights Festival in West Milford, NJ

Pictured above from right: Mike Lefebvre, Clark Beebe, and attendees. Photo credit: Ron Farr.

Many thanks to Mike Lefebvre and Board Members Ron Farr and Clark Beebe for representing TACF at the West Milford Autumn Lights Festival in New Jersey this last October, 13th. Feedback on this community event has been very positive. Volunteers say it draws a large and diverse audience. And report great conversations with families and individuals including a couple of members of Congress and two US Senators.

To learn more about the West Milford Autumn Lights Festival follow this link.

We count on volunteers to allow us to be present at outreach events like this one.

If you would like to help represent TACF at one of the Outreach events in which we participate, please email Jean at