Outreach and Education Volunteer Opportunites

Seeking Volunteer as Chapter Historian | Work from Home

We are seeking one or more individuals to play the role of Chapter historian. If you are passionate about history and the American chestnut this could be the perfect way for you to get involved.

Digging into the Records
Back in 2014, Sara oversaw the first transfer of records from TACF (our national organization) and the PA Chapter into the Special Collections library at Penn State. We are preparing to add to this collection once again, with documents and slides given to us from founding members. One task we could use help with is in reviewing and categorizing these records.

Big Picture
More broadly we are seeking someone to become familiar with this collection, so they can help guide our searches for information. Or maybe even call out significant items like anniversary events or milestones.

Updating the Timeline
There is a timeline that needs to be updated and maintained. Currently, this is a simple list but perhaps there is technology to allow this to become a more interactive tool for reviewing historical records. It would be great if we could add photos and links to supporting documents.

Digital Records
As we continue to transition into the digital age, we need to think about which digital records to preserve and how to preserve them. It would be great to have someone to help us think through this transition.

This work can be done remotely. If you are interested, please contact Jean: mail@patacf.org | 814-863-7192

American Chestnut Activity Sheet | Work from Home

Forest restoration is a multigenerational mission. It is critical that we educate the public about the history of this native tree, its significant role in our forest ecosystem, and our progress to restore it. We have some decent materials for adults but we want to do more to connect with children if we want to ensure three is the next generation to take up the work. We are seeking guidance from professional educators to develop targeted activities for a children’s activity sheet. We want to start with a 2-sided 8 by14 sheet with activities for a variety of ages. Once we have content we will seek assistance from graphic artists to create an attractive layout.

We can work on this remotely over email and zoom as needed.
If you are interested please contact Jean: mail@patacf.org | 814-863-7192