Seeing opportunities for teaching moments in our own communities:


Member, Les Nichols brought the idea of an American chestnut demonstration planting to Pohatcong Township School in Phillipsburg NJ. Our upcoming newsletter will feature this project.


This demonstration planting was the inspiration of Les Nichols; a long time member of the PA/NJ Chapter. Les lives in New Jersey and the Pohacong Township School is right down the street from his home. Driving by the sunny field in front of the school each day got him to thinking it would be a good site for planting chestnuts and a good opportunity to share the story of the American  chestnut. The have the project approved by our Seed Distribution committee.Les Nichols measuring - Pohatcong

On behalf of the Chapter, I would like to thank Les for his initiative and commend the teachers and students for embracing this project. We look forward to following up on their progress.

If you would like to learn more about how you might establish a demonstration planting at your school please contact our Chapter Administrator for more information.

Jean Najjar


Phone: (814)863-7192

Look for the full article in the Chestnut Tree Newsletter, Volume 23, Issue 1; page 8

Demonstration Planting at  Pohatcong Township School, Phillipsburg NJ

By Kristin Smith7th & 8th Grade Science Teacher



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