Seedlings Galore!

Seedling Origin: PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with TACF to help grow seedlings for various research purposes at Penn Nursery newly named, Mira Lloyd Dock Resource Conservation Center.

Seedling Destination: Seedlings go to a number of collaborators including PA-DCNR, US Forest Service, National Park Service, and others. Notable large plantings for this years’ stock include Flight 93, Erie National Wildlife Refuge, Bethlehem Water Authority, National Park Service (Delaware Water Gap), and Raystown Lake.

Most of these seedlings go to large planting efforts, plantings of 100s to 1000s of seedlings, meant to gauge different either blight-resistance and growth performance of varying family lines and/or various methods of reintroduction and silviculture.

The slide show above features photos from one such planting. In April, Sara Fitzsimmons took 1,000 seedlings to the Erie National Wildlife Refuge for early successional habitat. These seedlings were culled from our research plantings. They have no resistance and will dieback and resprout over multiple growing seasons providing habitat and food for wildlife.


Would you like to help?

We are seeking volunteers to help with several planting projects including some of those listed above:

Friday, May 17

Orchard Planting: Arboretum at Penn State / Leffel Center Orchard

University Park, PA

Email Steve at or call (814) 424-0022

Monday, May 22

Orchard Planting: Bethlehem Water Authority

Penn Forest Township, Carbon County

Email Robin Wildermuth at

Tuesday, May 23

Orchard Planting: Erie National Wildlife Refuge

Guys Mills, PA

 Email or call 814-789-3585 ext.223

Thursday, June 20-21

Small Stem Assays: shade house at 206 Forest Resources Lab  

University Park, PA

Email Steve at or call (814) 424-0022