PA-TACF at PASA Sustainable Agriculture Conference

The PA Chapter is proud to be exhibiting this month at the PASA Sustainable Agriculture Conference. Featured at this year’s conference will be information on marketing chestnuts.

Tracey Coulter a past Board member of PATACF and Erik Hagan of Windswept Farm will describe the collaboration between multiple public and private partners to research, document, and enact best management practices for creating chestnut production cooperatives in Pennsylvania (PA).

These efforts will result in the development of resources and a business model for chestnut processing facilities in PA, focusing on sustainable, native tree cropping systems to reach niche marketing opportunities. As part of the effort to explore opportunities for chestnut markets in Pennsylvania, participants will sample four chestnut types and be asked to provide a ranking of preference as well as comments regarding the experience. Participation in the tasting and evaluation is voluntary.

To learn more about PASA and their annual conference follow this link.