PA Farm Show around the corner

Things slow down a bit around the holidays, but before we know it, we’ll all be heading to Harrisburg for the PA Farm Show. The 2014 Farm Show is from January 4-11. PA Chapter volunteers will be on site every day to talk to people interested in learning more about the American chestnut and for those who’d like to join the organization. If you’ve never been to the Farm Show, one trip will show you why some people come back year after year. It’s fascinating to see all of the animals, machines and businesses that support the agricultural industry in Pennsylvania. Fortunately for us, there are also several environmental and conservation oriented organizations that join the show, rounding out the experience for visitors. Some people like seeing the cows and horses best, but my vote is for the milkshakes.

If you are interested in volunteering to represent PA-TACF at the booth for a day and meet lots of great folks, contact me at 814-863-7192 or New faces welcome… it’s an easy and enjoyable job and you’ll always be matched up with people who have experience.

Come see us and meet other chestnut enthusiasts. Each day from January 4th to the 11th. We will be located in the Main Hall next to the PA Woodmobile. Call our office with questions. 814-863-7192

Hope to see you there!


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