Meet Susan Smith…

Meet Susan Smith…

Susan Smith co-directs Longacre, a summer program for students ages 8-18, on a 200 acre organic farm outside of Newport, PA.  They celebrate their 40th season this year.  She has been a member of the American Chestnut Foundation since 2002 when the first pure American chestnuts were planted in what is now a 145 tree orchard.  She also tends 4 restoration trees in a separate planting at Longacre Farm.  Each summer 100 members of the Longacre community hear the compelling story of the American chestnut:  its grandeur, its utility, its devastation, and potential resurgence.  Susan’s husband Roger is a fine woodworker and prefers chestnut, which he has often found lying around in barns and outbuildings around their farm.  Susan has a BA in English from Skidmore College and is a Master Gardener in Perry County.  Susan has served on the board of PA-TACF since 2010 and can always be counted on to lend a helping hand.


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