Hunting Chestnuts with

The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF) is initiating a range-wide search for surviving Ameriamerican chestnut leafcan chestnuts in the forest. The PA/NJ Chapter of TACF is seeking to identify and conserve 250 unique sources — beyond the 200 already conserved in our Chapter.


  • To conserve unique sources of American chestnut genetics in our Germplasm Conservation Orchards (GCOs).
  • To create locally adapted and genetically diverse populations of blight-resistant chestnut trees for restoration.TreeSnap

Getting Started:

STEP 1: Download the Tree Locator Form (TLF) from our website.

STEP 2: Download the TreeSnap App on your mobile phone  treesnap.orgMike and Kieu Manes, hot on the trail of American chestnuts.

STEP 3: Take a hike in the woods (June thru September)

STEP 4:  Document American chestnuts using a TLF or TreeSnap App

STEP 5:  Mail a leaf sample with a completed TLF to the address indicated on the form. Or if you use TreeSnap write the TreeSnap ID on the form to send it in with your sample. Don’t have a TLF just write your TreeSnap ID on a piece of paper with your contact information. Be sure to follow the instructions on collecting a sample:

Collecting a sample:

If you think you have an American chestnut tree, send us a freshly-cut 4-6 inch twig with mature leaves attached. Leaves should be from sunny exposure, if possible.

  • >  Press leaves between pieces of cardboard to flatten and prevent curling or crushing as they dry. Crushed or bent leaves are Chestnut_Pressed samplemuch harder to analyze, as are leaves that are not freshly collected.
  • >  To prevent mold, do not put the sample into a plastic bag.
  • >  Late Spring or summer is the best time to collect samples for identification purposes.
  • >  Photographs can help with identification. We are not likely to be able to ID solely from a picture, but it can add to the whole package of understanding your tree.
  • >  Please be sure to include the Tree Locator Form, so we can keep track of your sample and send you results. This form is vital for our inventory of wild trees.

Dave Armstrong
691 Pumping Station Road
Hanover, PA 17331

Coming up in July Chestnut ID Workshop for TACF Members.