Hierarchy of the Presidency_Leads the PA/NJ Chapter Board

From left: Jim Walizer, Peter Lane, Andrew Huston, Ken Allshouse, Jim Searing, Randy Santoro, Tim Eck, Don McCann, Larry Yozwiak, Clark Beebe, Mary Ayres, Ron Farr, Annetta Ayers, Rick Hartlieb, John Wenderoth, Louise Aucott, and Robert Lingenfelter.

Consistency, Collaboration, and Support Found in the Hierarchy of the Presidency

As a small non-profit dependent on the leadership and support of an all-volunteer Board of Directors, the PA/NJ Chapter has been fortunate to find such dedicated members to take up the call to lead. But some of the credit must go to the foresight of founding members who chose to institute bylaws that foster that leadership. According to our bylaws, Presidents are elected by the membership as Vice-President of the Board and subsequently become President followed by Past-President without further election.  This trio forms the hierarchy of the presidency for our Board. And this sequence of 2-year positions provides consistency in leadership while encouraging collaboration, and minimizing the burden of the leadership role. When you sign up for the 2-year term of Vice President you are really committing to being part of a leadership team for 6 years. Two years of training, two years of leading, and two years of supporting.

Mary Ayres, our current VP will be stepping into the role of President for the 2019-2020 term as Clark Beebe steps into the role of Past-President. Jim Searing has agreed to run for Vice-President for the upcoming term. Jim joined our Board this year and has been an engaged and supportive member.

To all our members, ballots will be going out in the mail by the end of September.

Please be sure to cast your vote for the 2019-2020 term.