Happy 10 Year Anniversary to the Merry One!

Mike and Kieu Manes recently returned to visit the Merry One — a wild-type American chestnut that they first discovered in New Jersey, back in 2011. Their tracking of this tree was reported in TACF’s Chestnut Magazine, in the Winter issue of 2018.

It will be ten years this November that Mike and Kieu have been tracking the Merry One and it has gone from 39” circumference = 12.5” DBH, to 55.125” circumference = 17.5 DBH. . So 16” circumference growth =  5” diameter growth which is > 0.5” DBH/Year – pretty good for a wild tree!

DBH stands for Diameter at Breast Height. Learn more here

Many thanks to Mike and Kieu Manes for their dedicated monitoring of this and many other wild-type American trees in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.