The Future of Restoration is a Family Business

All In The Family

Ours is a multi-generational mission. As much as we want to see the American chestnut restored to its dominant place in the forest, it may not happen in our lifetimes. Therefore it is imperative that we share the story of the American chestnut with our children and grand children. It’s the surest way of passing along our passion and optimism, that we can restore this mighty giant.

Thomas J. Mascicki, the young man pictured above, prepping nuts to send to Penn State for winter storage is eight years old and the grandson of long-time member, Tom Paris. Better known as TJ, he is one of four Paris grandsons who all love to help pop.  This fall TJ and Tom packed up 200 f1 nuts for the Chapter.

Many thanks to Tom and TJ for making our restoration work a family business.


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