Flight 93 Memorial – Chestnut Planting

Sara Fitzsimmons, Director of Restoration for The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF) transported the bare-root seedlings to the Memorial and oversaw the planting. Check out the interview.

Here is her account of the day:

It was a really meaningful project to be a part of. It looked like it was going to just pour the rain all day, but the rains held off the entire time we were out in the planting area.  When we got back to the tent for lunch, the rains/wind still held off and let us have a wonderful ceremony with representatives from the National Park Service (NPS) and others to talk about the event. It included Captain Stewart Bateshansky from the USS Somerset who flew out from San Diego to join the volunteer effort.

One of the more meaningful speakers, whose name, unfortunately, escapes me, was a family member of one of the passengers. Family members often take part in the planting effort. In fact, Lisa Thomson met with a couple of family members a few years ago. They since made connections with a local Arboretum in New Jersey, the Cora Hartshorn  Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary, and we’re planting a few trees there next week.

I worked with an excellent crew, most of whom were volunteering from Somerset Trust, but then there were several private volunteers as well. One woman from Somerset Trust, Wendy, had a volunteer to plant all 8 years that the plantings had been done.

I recommend folks go to the Memorial. If they want to be a part of the planting, they need to sign up w/ the Friend of Flight 93 to be made aware of the event. Volunteer slots fill up fast. I think w/in minutes of it opening up.

I just remembered that I was interviewed by the Trib Review. Here’s that story w/ a video (gasp!) of me….