Fall Meeting Agenda

We have a very special fall meeting planned this year at the beautiful Tyler Arboretum in Media, PA (for directions, visit

Mark your calendars for November 2, 2013 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. with optional tours following the meeting. Lunch is provided, $10 admission at door to cover the cost of lunch.

The day will be very full with 5 speakers, talking about their current research and with two different tour options in the afternoon.


Kristine Averill

Kristine Averill is a plant community ecologist and PhD candidate in the Penn State Intercollege Graduate Degree Program in Ecology. Her current research focuses on the role of white-tailed deer in plant invasion. Using field data from 20 sites across the Mid-Atlantic Region and by conducting deer preference trials at the Penn State Deer Research Center, her work shows that deer are facilitating plant invasion via two mechanisms. In her talk, Kristine will discuss the results of her research in the context of human-altered habitats and plant community re-assembly.

Dr. Laura Guertin

Dr. Laura Guertin  is an Associate Professor of Earth Science at Penn State Brandywine and member of Tyler Arboretum’s Board of Trustees. Dr. Guertin is currently spending much of her time, when not conducting research, exploring the Arboretum during her sabbatical. She will provide an overview of what Tyler has to offer to visitors, volunteers, and fans of local history and horticulture. Her talk will highlight some of the collections and programming that makes Tyler a unique public garden in the region. She currently maintains a blog titled “Journeys of Dr. G at Tyler Arboretum” (

Dr. Mike Haas and Dr. Robert Moreau

Dr. Bob Moreau  and Dr. Mike Haas are researchers at USDA’s Eastern Research Station in Wyndmoor, PA. Their talk will describe their research efforts aimed toward the goals set forth in the Renewable Fuel Standards released in 2008. Dr. Moreau’s research focuses on biofuels and specifically on developing processes to maximize the value and utilization of “coproducts,” which are valuable byproducts that remain after fermentation of the starch to ethanol. Dr. Haas currently leads a research group that develops new uses for fats and oils from American farms.  His personal research is focused on the development of new techniques to produce and improve biodiesel, a renewable fuel produced from such fats and oils that replaces diesel fuel.

 Michael Rains

Michael Rains has an accomplished 45-year career with the United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, focusing on land stewardship. He is currently the Director of both the Northern Research Station in Newton Square, PA and the national Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, WI. Michael will speak about forest conservation and the state of forestry and the forest industry in the US in broad terms. He will then cover a few specific topics of interest, including US Forest Service research on the American chestnut and American elm.


American Chestnut Orchard Tour

PA-TACF Board Member and Tyler Arboretum volunteer, John Wenderoth, will lead a tour of the American chestnut breeding orchard on Tyler Arboretum property. More info to come!

Tyler Arboretum, Self-guided Tour

Dr. Laura Guertin will end the meeting with her talk, pointing out some of the highlights of the Tyler experience. Following the close of the meeting, you can peruse the property with map in hand to see them for yourself!


You don’t want to miss this meeting! We’ll have something for everyone! Please RSVP at 814-863-7192 or if you plan to attend. Hope to see you there!




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