Chestnut Hike at Coopers Rock, WV

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Join Adam Polinski of the Coopers Rock Foundation and Tom Saeilli of TACF

DATE: Thursday, May 31st

START TIME: 5:00 pm

Starting Point: Concession stand/Gift Store at Coopers Rock

Directions: Take I-68 to exit #15 and follow County Road 73/12 toward Coopers Rock– the red dot at the bottom of the map marks the spot. Google Map

About the leaders: Attendees of our Spring Growers Meeting will be familiar with Tom Saielli, Mid-Atlantic TACF Coordinator.  Tom is developing hiking opportunities in the four states he oversees (WV, VA, MD and KY) to highlight the Range-Wide Search for Surviving Chestnuts that TACF has kicked off this year. West Virginia member, Adam Polinski, who is also a member of the Coopers Rock Foundation, knows of a number of American chestnuts at Coopers Rock State Forest (Preston County, WV).

Adam will act as tour guide and Tom will take this opportunity to point out the different characteristics of American and Chinese chestnuts and to demonstrate the smart phone app, TreeSnap. 

TreeSnap was developed through a collaboration between Scientists at the University of Kentucky and the University of Tennessee. TACF is encouraging the use of this app to gather information on wild American chestnut trees. This is a great opportunity for citizen scientists to help us gather more data on new and unique native Chestnut populations.

Locating these new sources is very important because we want build up the diversity of our Germplasm Conservation Orchards (GCO) with as many unique sources of pure American chestnut as possible, in anticipation of future crossing of blight-resistant trees with pure Americans to develop locally adapted trees.

Though this is a WV Chapter event, Coopers Rock is close enough to Pennsylvania to be of interest to our members as well. It would be great if a few of our members would join this hike and become familiar with TreeSnap App so they can help demonstrate the app and lead hikes in our Chapter.

The hike is only ¼ mile, so it should not be a strenuous walk.

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