Close to 100 Attendees at Spring Growers Meeting


Close to 100 members and supporters came together for our 2016 Spring Growers Meeting at the Dauphin  County Natural Resource Center in Dauphin, PA on April 2nd. It was wonderful to welcome founders like Bob and Ann Leffel as well as new enthusiasts who joined on the spot. We’ve heard a good bit of praise  for the venue which we hope to return to in Spring 2017; and the presentations which were thoughtful, informative, and forward looking.

Our Fall Meeting is scheduled for October 29th at the Conrad Weiser Forest District Building located at 16 Weiser Lane, Aristes, PA 17920. This is a bit further East in Columbia County. The program is still being developed but will feature a more applied including a workshop on bio-char by DCNR Forester, Gary Gilmore. We hope you will be able to make it.

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