What’s your story?

Louise and SandyhaStory Corps – Leave a message for future generations.

Over the years we have heard from many of our members; stories about how they came to learn about the American chestnut. Some folks tell stories of growing up on family farms and barns built from great trees killed by the blight; while others speak of parents or grandparents proclaiming the sweetness of the nuts they once collected with family and neighbors. All share the longing to see this mighty giant restored to our Eastern forest. We would like to capture these stories to help inspire future generations.

Want to help?

We encourage our members to share their stories and passion for the American chestnut through Story Corps, a non-profit effort to record and archive conversations across the nation. You may have heard some of these recordings on National Public Radio. They are one on one conversations between family members or friends, sharing stories that have meaning to them. We encourage you to engage your children or grandchildren in this effort. Have them charge up their smart phone and download the StoryCorps App to help you get started. The Story Corps website has helpful tips on how to prepare and conduct interviews. It’s pretty simple and there are no wrong answers.

Never heard of Story Corp? 

Click on this link to watch a TED Talk by Dave Isay, founder of Story Corp.

We would love to hear from you if you join this effort. Please email Jean at if you want to help.