Bringing Back Pollination Activities

In preparation for the deregulation of the Darling 58, PA/NJTACF will be organizing several controlled pollination workshops this summer. The workshop schedule for the end of June will be posted soon and will include workshops in New Jersey, Eastern PA, and Penn State. Would you be interested in participating? Sign up here. We will email you as soon as the dates and locations are confirmed.

In the meantime, we are seeking volunteers to assist with our preparation here at Penn State, May 21st and 24th. For more details, please download this flyer.

For more background on why we are focused on controlled pollination check out Sara Fitzsimmons article “Bringing Back Pollination Activities in the PA/NJ Chapter” from our 2021 Spring print newsletter The Chestnut Tree. Link to article. Or watch this video recording of the TACF Chestnut Chat from July 2020.