Bridging the Distance Gap with Local Connections

Seeking Volunteers to Help Facilitate Communications with Local Districts of the PA/NJ Chapter

As we look forward with hope that 2022 will bring a renewal of in-person activities, the Board of Directors of PA/NJ TACF is putting out a call for District Liaisons (DL) — volunteers whose role will be to facilitate communications and cooperation with individuals and organizations within their district.

The PA/NJ Chapter covers almost 54,000 square miles, and this makes it difficult for our staff and board to have sufficient personal contact with our members.  DLs can help to bridge this gap as local representatives. The primary mission of the DL is to engage the membership.  An engaged membership is more likely to sustain interest in TACF’s mission, volunteer for local projects, and interest others in forest and chestnut conservation and restoration.

A Plan in Development

We’re still working out the details and flexibility will be the order of the day. It is understood that DLs will bring their own strengths and interests to the role and we welcome this diversity to what will continue to be a team effort. We look forward to working with DLs to help them get to know their district, make connections, and strengthen our effort to restore the American chestnut.

Learn more about the role of District Liaisons for the PA/NJ Chapter please contact the Chapter Administrator, Jean Najjar at 814-863-7192 |