2016 Chapter Fundraising Challenge: JUST A LITTLE BIT FURTHER TO REACH OUR GOAL!

website-image-for-fundraiserBack in August of this year, two anonymous donors stepped forward to offer a matching challenge for our Fall Fundraising Campaign. They pledged to match up to $3,500 in donations to help us reach our goal of $7,000.

Just a short while after our newsletter announced this challenge we surpassed our goal with a single donation of $3,500. This generosity came so early in our fundraiser we set a new goal of $10,000. All of these funds will directed to our orchard research and public outreach.

With just weeks to go, our goal is very close. Every donation makes a difference –no contribution is too small.

To donate send your check to our chapter office (address below).

Send to:



206 Forest Resource Lab

University Park, PA 16802